Materials Science and Engineering

  • Properties of Materials

  • Polymers

  • Crystallography, Bonding, and Crystal Defects

  • Metals Processing

  • Phase Transformation and Kinetics

Mechanical Engineering

  • CAD, Prototyping, Manufacturing and Tolerancing

  • Thermodynamics, Fluid Mechanics, Heat Transfer, Experimentation & Measurements

  • Solid Mechanics, Dynamics

  • Control Systems, Control and Dynamics of UAVs, Control of Legged Robots [Video], Vehicle Dynamics and Control

  • Mechatronics, Precision Machine Design

  • Numerical Simulation and Modeling

Electrical Engineering and Computer Science

  • Python, MATLAB

  • Finite Element Method

  • Electronics for the I.O.T.

  • Modeling and Simulation of Advanced Manufacturing Systems

  • Principles of Data Science

  • Convex Optimization in Engineering

  • Hybrid Intelligent Control

  • ML in Energy Transport/Conversion

Bolded courses have been taken at a graduate level.



Kevin Coulson is a mechanical design engineering student currently pursuing an M.S. at UC Berkeley. Most of his work has surrounded 3D printing - the design of 3D printers, characterization of materials used in 3D printing, modeling of 3D printing processes, and design of parts for 3D printing.

Outside of school and work, Kevin is an avid skier, active backpacker, amateur windsurfer, and enthusiastic musician.

He will be graduating from UC Berkeley in May 2021 and looking for employment opportunities in the additive manufacturing space in the fall.