In February of 2018, I was tasked as a polySpectra intern with creating a device which could measure the intrinsic photopolymerization properties of resins more easily and reliably. polySpectra is a Berkeley based 3D printing resin materials start up, and they were looking to improve their development workflow. By August, a working version of the project, named Lori, was complete. By the following May, a fully realized V2 of Lori was completed and was in use in the lab. 

Simply put, Lori facilitates the efficient creation of working curves (the relationship between dose received and cure height) for photopolymer resins. This curve is essential for determining the print settings of these materials. 

Lori was a very successful project - Lori met all of the initial specs set out for the design with several added features and improved modularity. The device could be useful for any photopolymer resin manufacturer trying to optimize their workflow. For me, Lori is a project that I put a lot of time into as a completely individual project and I'm extremely proud of the final product.