The gear pump extruder is a reimagined FDM hotend with an embedded gear pump to reduce printing forces and increase printing speeds.  The project was funded by the Jacobs Institue Innovation Catalysts grant program during the Fall '19 and Spring '20 semesters. A functional physical prototype was fabricated during the Fall '19 semester. While an updated prototype was on track to be completed for the Spring '20 semester, the campus response to COVID-19 resulted in a pivot of the project - an animation of the functionality of the device, below, was made in place of a prototype.

This project was inspired by a design by BigRep FDM printer design using Metered Extrusion Technology. My main goal was to create a simple prototype that could plug-and-play with standard E3D components.

This design has shown promise and potential - I hope to continue work on the Gear Pump Extruder in future semesters, eventually mounting it to a capable motion system to see its true printing performance.